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BW Events Tech

We've seen some awesome things so far, and we are going to continue that trend with Josh Bernard from Stagedge, who is going to talk about a very posh way that he has used Swoogo for a client.

Yeah. I don't know how I follow that up. You guys are doing some amazing stuff, and it's amazing how much I'm learning just by watching you guys.

So, yeah. This is gonna be basically a story about how I jumped ... I was thrown into Swoogo kind of in an unusual circumstance.

We're a full-service production company based out of Massachusetts. So we do everything, start to finish. They've been at the company for about fifty years. And we do everything from creative design to set design, to filming it, to streaming, to virtual.

We are based in New England, but we service the world.

I have over twenty years of web development experience. So, essentially, I got laid off when COVID started. And I had worked in the events industry a little bit, years ago, for RSA Conference, but primarily, I'm a web developer.

And as I was looking for a new position, Stagedge found me. And I think I had an interview, and two days later, they said, we want you. Here's your Swoogo login. We just bought the software, we kinda don't know what to do with it.

And so, I started working there before I had actually had a signed contract, and I think within three days, we had an event up and running. So it's just sort of a testament to the flexibility of the platform and that you can just jump right in and do it. These some examples of the different things that we've done. No two events are the same.

Every event has its own unique challenges.

And that's why Swoogo is great because I when someone, a client, comes to me and asks, can you do x, I don't like to say no.

And chances are, I'm gonna find a way to do it in Swoogo. And it's me doing it, and a very small team. It's reliable. And I like that it's developer friendly. I think someone earlier touched on this, that if you have a development background, it ... it's like an onion with layers that you can unravel to get more and more control over the system. But at the same time, if you're coming from a marketing background and you don't have those skills, you can still use the software effectively.

And like I said earlier, that we can turn around an event in days, if we have all the materials from the client. It's really, really great.

So what I'm gonna talk about is this event called ... So it's a buyer by the name of Nacom, so it's a pharmaceutical company.

And we had done a purely virtual event during COVID, and we had done a physical event pre-COVID. This was their first hybrid event. And, you know, we had nine-hundred attendees, a hundred and seventy-five different sessions, over three days. And this was in Arizona, in Phoenix. So I had to build the whole platform on Swoogo.

And this was an interesting case for them because they had previously been a client of another really big enterprise thing, and their contract was up. So we got them to go to Swoogo. And you can see it's a pretty, you know, visually it's on-brand, but it's not nothing crazy in that. But where the craziness came in was that every person here that attended, had to have a unique schedule, and they were ... but they didn't want people to pick it because they were worried that their employees would go to the wrong sessions.

So, we had to basically manually assign nine-hundred people to a hundred and seventy-five sessions throughout all of them. And we got some Excel imports. There was some, client didn't quite understand what I'm asking for. So you can see on the right an example of what one small section of a day looked like in the agenda, and we often had people come up to us at the desk and be like, I don't have a schedule.

And we could fire up Swoogo right there, figure out where their supposed to be, put them in their their tracks, and then they're gone.

We also used the mobile app. We used ATS for badging. And one of the things that I say, Swoogo vs Cvent, and it's not this to dig it, but this was just a better fit for their event because it's not ... there's no contract that you have to be into. We're the provider of the service.

So you engage with us for the event and we handle the back end. And if you want support, you talk to us. If you want to make a change, we can have it done in minutes. If you wanna iterate, we had pushed the site live, and they were still making changes about what they wanted it to look like.

And in a different workflow, that could take days, you know. You have to go to a different department, wait for it to get approved by a budget, come back and everything. We just did it. And we just did it live, and it worked great.

I would like a development environment once we're live to be able to show changes, but they have heard my request. And we'll see what happens there.

I know, right? Because it is a pain when, you know, you've already gone live, and you're like, well, I can't really change this because everyone's going to see it. That's something I hope we get. But, yeah, we used QR codes, mobile app, mobile check-in, and it was ... this was the team, me and two other people, that we went from designing it on the ground, to developing it, to being on-site and handling the customer requests.

And yeah. It was it was easy to do with with this with this crew.

I mentioned the session assignments. That was a huge challenge. Mobile app is great, but never underestimate people's inability to operate their cell phone.

So there was a lot of like, I can't, I don't have the app. Alright. Get the app. Oh, I don't have my Apple ID. So there's a lot of like, alright, here's how you reset your password. Very just sort of human-centric challenges that to us who are technical, take for granted, but users just don't know. Right?

And when I ... this third bullet, see it to believe it was very much like we mentioned, as much as you wanna plan your design, and have wire frames, and have you know, give you the mock up in this. People don't see it until it's on the webpage. And they go, yeah, you know, I don't think I like that. So one of the things, again, the ability to be flexible is the ability to make those changes right there and make everybody happy.

So, I mean, that's it. Basically, don't be afraid to dive in and ask questions and be agile and Swoogo lets you do that.

Follow up with me if you have any questions and thank you again.

Thank you, Josh. Thank you.

And I gotta say that is a genius way to one-up your feature suggestion.

How many others of you wanna join the showcase now?