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BW Events Tech

Continuing the digital trend, we have Ben Krebs here from Event Concept, who is the Head of Technical Production, and he's going to talk about how they use Swoogo for the Fred Perry to engage their digital attendees.

Cool. Thank you very, very much. First of all to everyone from Swoogo for having us here. So, this is hopefully just a quite quick example of a slightly different way to leverage Swogo.

It's not in your standard sort of live-streaming or in-person attendee registration, but something that worked really well for us. So firstly, a little bit about Event Concept because I have to, otherwise, my marketing team will kill me. We're from London. We're a full-service creative production agency, so very lucky that we get to work on a really broad range of live shows, receptions, government work, conferences, fintech, and so on.

And as everyone, since the pandemic, virtual live-streaming, event platforms and so on for a really broad range of clients.

One of which is Fred Perry, which is what I'm going to show you today.

So, in house, we have sort of a full stack of services. And what's really great about that is that we have so many different departments that can work with our digital projects team on what Swoogo can offer with those. And this example that I'm gonna show you is one where our exhibitions team, who normally are so used to working only in a physical event space, actually partnered really well with the digital projects team to create something really cool.

So, the brief was, every three months, so quarterly, we produced an in-person, physical exhibition build for Fred Perry for, uh, to showcase all of their new and upcoming collections to buyers and commercial partners from around the world. They would fly them all into London, horrific by today's standards, three years later, really unsustainable, and so on, but it's the way we used to do things.

And then the pandemic happened.

So, they came to us and they said, help.

And they said, we need to do this online, and we have to still do this, because it is, in the current model at the time, absolutely integral to their their strategy and their launch of new collections, because they have a really quick throughput of partnership ... design partnerships and so on. So the brief was, it has to be the Fred Perry brand and short of it being on their on their website, you can't tell the difference. It needs to be user-friendly because they have to engage with these people. They are, it is a sales exercise, and so it has to be so smooth for the user, but there's quite a few complexities in that there are different partnership levels that they have to reach out to. So, this is where we get on to sort of registrant types and so on.

Different content access and so on.

They want analytics on who's seen what, because historically, the way that would work is you would have a load of brand ambassadors trawling the exhibition space, literally taking notes on who has looked at what. Okay.

And, there still needs to be an element of human connection, because people are coming to talk to the designers of these collections to decide if they want to buy them and stock them in their chains.

And we had two weeks to build this.

So, I went, okay, fine, because we do love a challenge. And this was the first time we used Swoogo and so, I will again say thank you to everyone that helped us. I bumped into Caroline earlier having pizza, who did mine and my teams onboarding way back in 2020.

So, this is what we came up with.

An online exhibition using Swoogo, using its registration functionality, its analytics functionality, sponsor pages, and so on. But they wanted to replicate the experience of wandering around an exhibition space, and it being entirely user-determined what experience you were going to get. So we went, okay. And we built the exhibition. And we 3-D scanned it, and we embedded that in Swoogo. And then we went, okay, how do you get the analytics out of that? So, we had all of these little pop-ups through the exhibition space, above each collection, and sort of above each designer, or each collaboration.

They were linked to Swoogo sessions, because you can host a session on a custom URL, which then went back to custom pop-up pages.

So, we could provide analytics of exactly who has spent how much time, on what pages, what designers they've looked at, how much they've interacted with them, whether they've watched the video or not, but that was done separately.

And, actually embedded the Swoogo registration process into this 3-D, virtual walk-through. So, you would get a link, an invite link. Sort of custom registrant type.

That would take you to sort of the first step of the walk-through, and that was kind of walking through the front door of the exhibition space. And then you go, okay, fine. This is your registration type, and take you to different rooms, literally with the different collections you are about to see. So really trying to work out how you can take a really fantastic and really versatile product like Swoogo,

And merge that into this predefined guest journey in flow, that they were really quite keen to replicate, because it's what these buyers knew.

And then we discovered that sponsor pages were a thing, which is great. So, actually every designer was a sponsor, and that's the only way that, in two weeks, we managed to make this happen, because we could work with templated pages, create a load of custom sponsor fields, to then build them out, with sort of multiple image assets, links to their external sites and so on.

And then live chat. And this is before sponsor booths and things had really sort of become a thing on Swoogo. Oh my God, I wish they existed when we did this. But again, it was so easy. We weren't a team, at the time, that had sort of a particular amount of development expertise in-house.

But even I, with the knowledge I had in 2020, could work out how to throw a bit of JavaScript on a page, because there is that quite easy level of customization that's accessible, to sort of everyday users. So, we worked with Zendesk to then give a direct link to every collection designer, or every specific collection sales associate from the Fred Perry team. So that their VIP users had that still one-on-one interaction with them. So going into a queue function and then chatting with them and so on.

So that's sort of it. So, hopefully, just a bit of an example of a slightly different way to use Swoogo. And it went so well that we did that sort of every quarter whilst global travel was still impacted.

And then, they liked it so much, we rolled it out globally with their consumer marketing team just last year, with a global exhibition to celebrate their seventy years that worked exactly the same way, pulling together the idea of an in-person exhibition experience, but how you can use something like Swoogo to really elevate that in a virtual space, rather than just a page of about a thousand image assets on it.

So, thank you very much.

Thank you, Ben. I promise that none of those agency partners were paid to talk so highly about us. But we thank you all. We think those are really cool, very cool examples, unconventional, of how you've used Swoogo, thatI know every one of you have examples of. So now that the Band Aid has kind of been ripped off by those four, anybody else wanna share a hack?